At The C&L Group, we have found the key differentiator in providing the intellectual capital that either makes or breaks a project or a business is dependent on having that intrinsic knowledge of a customer’s business as well as how business in general operates, organizes, and manages people to get results.  In other words, the challenge is to build a customer’s business both operationally and financially by providing the intellectual capital that actually gets work done.  And then we go one step further, provide strategies to sustain that growth.

Total Resource Delivery Dimensions

C&L Group realizes that customers require resources when needed, delivered in line with their business processes and aligned to the company’s resource strategies and skilled to their specific requirements.  Our delivery model, based on an intrinsic knowledge of business processes in general, Information Technology specifically and our customer’s supply chain processes, allow us to manage the full gambit of intellectual capital for a customer:

  • By Skill – From IT to Administrative to Operations (General Staffing / IT Staffing)
  • By Type – From Contract to Contract-to-hire to Direct Hire
  • By Delivery Method – From Contract to Project to Outsource (local, Near-shore, Offshore)



C&L Group – Staffing  Solutions – Full Spectrum Resource Acquisition and Management
At C&L Group, our principal asset is people.  As such, recruitment is a cornerstone of our business and our delivery model.  We are committed to attracting and developing the most talented professionals for our customers.  The C&L Group employs a structured approach to finding and then retaining valuable professionals.  Our integrated system applies recruiting tools that garner a competitive advantage for our customers by not only finding the right resources quicker but also helping to sustain that intellectual capital for the long-term.

IT Resource Staffing

IT Resource Staffing is a cost-effective approach to quickly supplement existing staff or a newly formed project with precise skills for a specified period of time.  This allows our customers to increase their technical breadth for a specific business objective as well as free managers from time spent on hiring processes for short term expertise requirements.  If the resources are required for the long term, then consultants can transition from temporary resources to direct hires sustaining the intellectual capital the business requires.

Managed Teams

Our Managed Team service provides shared management with the customer working together to accomplish a specific IT project. We share the risk and responsibility of the IT project, acquiring resources and directing them based on customer specified priorities and goals.  Our unique approach to Managed Teams adapts to the dynamics of the business environment and the individual project through rapid team assembly and disassembly, seasoned team leadership, and cost control and management.  In essence, we provide the right team and the right management support at a clear cost target.

Direct Hire Staffing

Managing the full human capital continuum is often a matter of timing and transition of resources as business priorities and goals change.  From short-term project or skill specific needs to long-term business growth capability, the mix of resource types need the capability to evolve.  Our diverse customer base depends on our adaptive resource acquisition capabilities to provide not only contract professionals but also full-time placement services.  Whether on a contract-to-hire basis, or simply as an adjunct to a company’s human resources capabilities, we have the tools, expertise and resource vision to secure the full continuum of personnel.